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Vermicompost extract or tea and solid worm castings are one of the best ways to bring good biology back into your soil. Ideal for broadacre application to crops, pastureland, horticulture and turf. With large-scale use in mind, our products are available for bulk order upon request. To discuss ideal quantity, application and delivery to suit your needs, please contact us directly.


Our compost worms are fed biologically complete compost which is made on site on our farm with locally sourced, organic inputs. Our compost includes beneficial indigenous microbes ensuring the production of premium quality worm castings.


Our vermicompost extracts and teas are freshly brewed to order. The process involves aerating our premium quality worm castings with filterted rain water. Other inputs are also added to stimulate and maximise beneficial microbial activity in the brew. Testing for microbiology under the microscope takes place at regular intervals during the brewing process. The biologically complete compost extract or tea will then be transtported to you without delay to apply to your soil or plants.

Vermicompost Teas & Extracts

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