The application potentials of vermicast fertiliser are limitless. From pastureland and broadacre to fruit-trees, veggies, flowers and in-door plants, anything that grows will benefit from the bioavailable nutrients and properties of vermicast fertiliser. Not only well-suited to a broad range of plant types, vermicast products can be applied at any and all stages of a plant's life cycle. For best results, incorporate our products into your regular gardening routines, including:

Pre-Planting Root Soak

Invigorate and rehydrate your seedlings, saplings and new plants by soaking their roots prior to planting. At a water dilution ratio of 1 : 5, immerse the base of seedling trays or potted plants and trees in the vermicast liquid mixture* for a minimum of 2 - 4 hours or ideally overnight.

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Soil Preparation & Planting

Give your new plants the best start to life in your garden by using solid worm castings during planting. Mix at a ratio of 1 : 5 with any potting mix or other planting medium. If planting straight into the ground, place ~1/3 cup of pure castings at the base of the hole, place plant and fill in with soil as per usual.

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Feed & Nourish

Established plants will greatly benefit from both forms of vermicast fertiliser.

Solid worm castings can be sprinkled on the topsoil at the base of plants or in the top of potted plants. Depending on plant size, approx. 2/3 cup is ideally applied monthly (during growing season for fruiting and flowering plants).

At a water dilution ratio of 1 : 5, vermicast liquid mixture* can be applied to foliage (spray) and roots via soil drainage (liquid). Best applied fornightly for veggies, trees and in-door plants, and monthly for flowers, shrubs, natives and lawns.

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Restore & Remedy

Undiluted vermicast liquid has remarkable disease-fighting properties, and can be applied daily as a direct spray onto foliage, stems, branches and exposed roots to promote plant immunity and recovery. It is also a highly effective bug deterrent, and helps to control aphids, scale and other insect infestations.

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